Reverse Engineering Projects

Medical Device Dissection

Medical Device Dissection encompassed reverse engineering techniques for CAD modeling, feature/benefit analysis, and understanding material selection. The first course of the medical device series taught me how to reverse engineer products by modeling select parts of Ethicon Endo Surgery's ENDOPATH XCEL Trocar and Arm & Hammer's Spinbrush Pro toothbrush. Throughout this class, I gained exposure with 3D printing through FDM and SLA methods, I learned more about making complex geometry in Solidworks, and I created my first fully functional prototype. Below are some pictures of the physical products and renderings of my CAD models.

Once the products were modeled in Solidworks, I was tasked with determining ways to add features and benefits to the existing devices to make them more user-friendly and cost-effective. This exposed me to the ever-present cost vs. quality problem that every large-quantity manufacturer has to decide on. My highlight from the class was modeling and 3D printing the Arm & Hammer brush head at 200% scale and assemling a functional prototype.