Dimensional Analysis + GD&T

MicroCT Part Metrology

Dimensional analysis is key in the realm of engineering solutions. Many methods, such as CMM systems, white/blue light scanning, and MicroCT data acquisition, are used to help determine where the problem in a product or process lies, so that it can be properly fixed. In my experience, the most effective method has been the MicroCT route. MicroCT X-ray scanning allows us to capture areas inside of objects without needing to take them apart. This is great for determining where a component of a system will fail, especially if it's an assembly like a wristwatch or a multi-component junction. Having the ability to see inside of parts and assemblies has made it exponentially easier to perform dimentional analysis and qualify GD&T measurements in a non-destructive manner. Below is a button to download and view the full report for the screenshots pictured above this text.