I am a graduate of the University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering & Applied Science (CEAS), from which I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Engineering. During my time as an undergraduate, I also received my Master’s in Business Administration through the ACCEND program offered by the Carl H. Lindner College of Business.



To further round-out my education, I now operate as an Electro-Mechanical engineer at Vitamix. I am fortunate to work on New Product Development projects within both the Commercial and Household segments of the business. On the team, I provide design, troubleshooting, and project management support to collegues in Engineering, as well as Marketing, Quality, and Product Management. Some of my daily responsibilities include designing and testing motors and motor control systems, building test systems using HMIs, PLCs, and microcontrollers, and also creating control documents/drawings for all relevant projects. This position has allowed me the opportunity to take over project management of the Chinese motor alternatives project, design-fabricate-test motor control boards, and work with embedded microcontrollers to develop advanced algorithms for contolling the blender and improving the overall user experience.


Back in the day, as part of my undergraduate program in engineering, I was required to rotate every other semester and complete a Cooperative Education Experience. I spent each of my four Co-op rotations at a small engineering consulting firm, Kinetic Vision. During my time there, I worked as project engineer, dealing mainly with micro Computed Tomography (microCT) data output by thier onsite North Star Imaging X5000 Industrial CT data acquisition system. Client projects ranged from simple part qualification, all the way to high-level First Article Inspections, Porosity Analysis, and Parametric CAD creation. I had many opportunities to work for clients to determine their needs, develop strategies for processing data, and prepare comprehensive reports and deliverables. While working in the cutting-edge CT Imaging field, I developed extensive experience with Reverse Engineering Procedures, Quality Analysis, Finite Element Analysis/CFD, GD&T and 3D Metrology (ASME Y14.41-2012), and Failure Analysis. Many of the large quantity projects that I worked on required other tasks, such as coding and automation, in order to deliver on-time.


I grew up in Walton Hills with my mother, father, and younger sister. My father, with his experience as a tradesman, began exposing me to mechanical projects at an early age. He has continued to teach me hands-on tecniques over the years, such as soldering pipe, grouting tile, and installing household electric. I have attended Catholic schools, from my time at Saint Mary's in Bedford (Ohio), to my high school career at Saint Edwards in Lakewood (Ohio). During high school, I was highly involved in the preengineering program, often finding myself in design teams for after-school clubs as both a leader and a team player.

I've spent much of my free time, since the age of 11, writing and producing music for my band ECHOPOINT. Additionally, I Have designed sound effects and soundscapes for various video projects and worked with outboard gear and software to craft a signature composing style. My main instrument is guitar, but I also play piano, drums, and bass. In my personal time, I design and prototype a variety of different products, including a beverage dispensing cooler, WiFi home relay switch, Midi Keyboard, and an infrared heat signature tracking device. I am also rebuilding a 1976 Honda CB550 from the ground up, turning it into a dual sport show bike, capable of on and off road riding.